TSC is an open-source project. As such, it is entirely driven by the participation of its community members. Their discussion happens on the following media, which you are invited to join at any time if you have a question about TSC or want to contribute.


The mailinglist is the best place to engage if you aren’t patient enough for IRC (see below). If in doubt, post here.

Note: If you subscribed to the mailing list and appearently do not receive the confirmation message or mailing list messages, check your spam folder. Please mark any mail from TSC as “not spam”, so that the providers learn that the TSC project is not sending spam.


The mailinglist mentioned above can also be accessed via a web forum if you prefer to not use email:

Anything you post to that forum is mirrored to the mailinglist and vice-versa.

IRC Channel

The IRC channel #secretchronicles on is the main discussion hub of the project. Usually someone is online, but as a small free-time project, this cannot be guaranteed. If you post here, please be aware that in the worst case it can take hours until somebody responds. If on the other hand somebody is online, you might get an answer within minutes. Don’t hesitate to mention one of the channel operators to make them aware of your presence. allows to connect by web chat, but web chats are known to be unreliable. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a native IRC client like HexChat instead, which also integrates much better with your operating system.

Public logging of said IRC channel is prohibited.