IRC Channel

The IRC channel #secretchronicles on is the main discussion hub of the project; many discussions start here before they make it to the “tsc-devel” mailinglist mentioned below. More often than not, one or two of the core team are online here.

You can join the channel via Freenode’s webchat, but that one is known to sometimes fail or be unavailable and is uncomfortable to use. Therefore, it’s recommended you use a native IRC client like HexChat instead, which also integrates much better with your operating system.

The channel is logged with the channel logs being publically available on our website.


There are two mailinglists on which the public discussion of the project happens:

  • tsc-users is where users talk about TSC, e.g. to share their levels.
  • tsc-devel focuses on the development of TSC.


The mailinglists mentioned above can also be accessed via web forums if you prefer to not use email:

Anything you post to that forums is mirrored to the respective mailinglist and vice-versa.