TSC Scripting API Documentation

This page is currently empty. Once 2.1.0 is released, it will link to the scripting API documentation for 2.1.0. Until then, please refer to your local copy of the scripting API documentation. It is included in binary distribtions of TSC in a folder called “scriptdocs”. If you compile TSC from source, the scripting API documentation is generated automatically in the build directory as well (unless you have disabled the generation by passing -DENABLE_SCRIPT_DOCS=OFF to cmake).

The Core documentation contains the level scripting API as defined by the underlying raw C++ functions that is available in each level script without further action. The SSL documents the additional libraries that are shipped with TSC for scripting purposes that are built on top of these core functionalities in pure Ruby. Starting from 2.1.0, the SSL’s functionality is readily available in each level script as well.