TSC is a freetime project of several artists, programmers, and many more people. As thus, these people aren’t paid for the work they do on TSC, but still the project generates some expenses that need to be covered, and are currently covered by the people involved from their own income, which is unfortunate. If you want to show your support to TSC, please consider making a donation to the project so we can:

  • Do contests for great art and music in the game
  • Pay bounties for people who fix longstanding bugs or implement long-requested features
  • Organise physical meetings of the developers (travel expenses)
  • Buy hardware for testing the game, for backups, or anything else that requires physical equipment
  • At least pay the people from the core team a small sum for their sustained support of the game
  • And many things more. In any case, it is always good to have a little bit of savings in case unexpected costs arise.

The project lead tries to maintain maximum transparency regarding the money that is received from donations, and the team decides as a whole about how any received money is to be spent. Be assured we are very grateful for any donation to this project.

TSC is too small currently for receipt of nonprofit organisation status under German law, so sadly, we cannot grant a donation certificate for your donation. Please consider what this means to your local tax volume before you donate.

Payment info


We can receive donations via Bitcoin. This is the Bitcoin address to transfer the money to: