Corrupt Win32 installer on FTP

Written by Marvin Gülker (Quintus) on 2015-10-13.

There was a corrupt binary of the Win32 installer on the FTP.

Several of our users noticed some weird behaviour of the game when run on Windows, manifesting itself most notably in crashing when loading the first level in the first world from the worldmap (it did not crash when the level was loaded directly from the level menu). There was a report on the forum and one separately in the tracker about the issue, which I then traced down to a faulty binary on our FTP server. It is not clear where the binary got damaged, but a new installer generated from the very same code as the original 2.0.0 installer did not exhibit the issue anymore. I have concluded that during copying it around between my computers or even during upload to alexandria the binary got defunct somehow. We’ll probably never find the root cause of the problem.

I uploaded a new Win32 installer to the FTP that replaces the faulty 2.0.0 Win32 binary. If you downloaded and installed TSC 2.0.0 between 2015-08-17 and 2015-10-13 we advise you to uninstall the version you downloaded, download the new installer, and install that one. The links on the “Download” page have been adjusted accordingly as well, including the MD5 and SHA256 checksums. The old, corrupt binary remains on the FTP for examination purposes under the name of tsc-2.0.0-win32.defunct.exe and should not be used by endusers (and is not linked to anywhere).

We apologise for the inconvenience, but errors are human. We do want to say Thank You to the users who reported the problem with us, because as all of the developers are using Linux systems, we would probably not have noticed the corrupt binary at all without their reports.

Marvin Gülker (Quintus)
On behalf of the TSC development team.