Alpha Builds Now Available

Written by Sydney on 2016-08-17.

Alpha Builds Of TSC Are Now available for Debian users

Over the past year Muammar, who is part of the Debian packaging team, has been putting alot of effort into compiling TSC for Debian, and through his work, and some recent dependency changes on TSC’s part, he has successfully been able to package TSC as a .deb, and have everything work properly. And through that, we now have access to pre-built .deb packages, giving us the ability to install TSC on Debian/Debian based systems without the need of compiling.

You can grab the .deb packages from Download page.

These .deb packages are compiled directly from git on our Devel branch. We make no guarantee that these builds will work, and they most definitely are not bug free.

To install them you generally can use the dpkg -i "packagename" command, or read the man pages on dpkg. Technically these should also work on Ubuntu and its derivatives, but as said earlier, we make no guarantees.

Also, through this, we are excited to say that TSC is now in the Debian Unstable repositories.

As always, if you find a bug, please report it, either on our Forum or Github.


On Behalf of the TSC team