New Main and Assistant Project Leaders

Written by Sydney on 2017-07-10.

The project has gained some new leaders

Hello all,
Happy mid-year to everyone.

We are all saddened to see both Quintus and Datahead step down from their leadership positions over the past couple months due to time constraints that exist in the real world. Hats off to you both for all you have done, and we hope you will come back when you can!

Through this we have had two new project leaders step up. xet7, our former and current server admin, stepped up and is now our Main Project Leader. For filling the position of Assistant Project Leader we sent out an email to all of the TSC team, and KirbyFan64sos volunteered to be our new assistant lead.

Thank you both for stepping up and volunteering for these positions. We all appreciate your generousity to the community, and are excited to see what this will mean for the project!

Have a great summer!

On behalf of the TSC team