The wiki has been re-activated!

Written by quintus on 2019-07-30.

The wiki is now live again.

Recently, efforts have started to prepare for a new release of TSC, 2.1.0, around the beginning of November. This is highly tentative, but as part of these efforts, the TSC Wiki has been re-activated. Said wiki was a set of static pages for years, because the original solution was heavily abused by spam bots. The new solution (which, again, uses Moinmoin) hopefully is set up in a way that is complicated enough for spam bots to not manage it.

The wiki requires an account to edit, but it’s not possible to create the account on the wiki page itself. Instead, the wiki has been directly coupled to the forum/web interface for the mailing list, thus requires to sign up there for an account. This setup allows users to have a single “TSC account” that grants access both to the forum and to the wiki.

Everyone is invited to edit our wiki with TSC-related content. Please contribute! If you have any questions, you can post them on the forum.

on behalf on the TSC team.