TSC 2.1.0-beta2 released

Written by quintus on 2020-01-28.

Second beta version of 2.1.0 has been released.

About a month after the first beta, the TSC team is pleased to announce the availability of the second beta version of the upcoming 2.1.0 release for download.The release has been tagged on the Git repository as v2.1.0-beta2 and has been uploaded to our web server.

What has changed since beta-1?

  • A windows build error was fixed (ticket #674).
  • The included mruby is now build in release mode if TSC is compiled in release mode.
  • A parsing error in the script docs parser was fixed.
  • Level music is now stopped rather than faded out on death (ticket #672).
  • New great title theme music theme_2.ogg (title: Journey of the Chronicles) by refi64! The title theme has been switched to this. The music may change a little until the final release.
  • Some outdated scripting API docs were fixed.
  • Scripting expansion packs are back, and are now loaded from $TSC_USER_DIR/scripting. A scripting expansion pack is a user-supplied scripting library for TSC.

Why is 2.1.0 taking so long?

TSC is a project entirely driven by volunteers in their free time. We all know that free time is scarce. TSC has a massive code base written in C++ over a course of now more than 10 years, as it builds upon the original codebase of Secret Maryo Chronicles (SMC). The inherited code’s quality is rather poor and it is difficult to work with this inherited code.

When can we expect the final release?

The current plan is to release the final 2.1.0 version early in 2020.

What happens in the Beta phase?

The beta phase is intended to polish the rough edges of TSC. No new features are introduced into the game anymore, but any bugs found will be fixed. Additionally, the following changes can happen:

  • Addition of new static assets, namely of music and static images
  • Addition of translations
  • Addition of new levels
  • Fine-tuning of the build system (this is not a user-visible aspect)

We reserve the right to make other changes as required if an urgent need arises.

Can I help TSC as a user now?

Yes, you can! Please set yourself into possession of a copy of TSC and play the game. Report any bugs found either on the mailinglist, on the forum, or directly on our bug tracker (requires a GitHub account).

Please make levels and submit them for inclusion into TSC 2.1.0 on the forum or mailinglist. As of now, the levelsets of TSC 2.1.0 and 2.0.0 are nearly identical. The TSC team depends on the submission of levels by users as the work on the C++ code does not leave much time for the creation of new levels. The TSC team especially welcomes work on levels that implement parts of the story draft.


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