Bootable USB image available

Written by xet7 on 2020-11-13.

Bootable USB image available

xet7 released today bootable USB image version of TSC. It has Puppy Linux Bionic 32bit Linux and TSC 2.1.0 release version installed from .deb package (dependenices from package manager, and unarchived .deb package to target directories) as of today 2020-11-13. Linux boots directly from USB stick, so it works fast and is very playable. It works on x86 and x64 computers.

TSC game is at desktop menu: Applications / Fun / Secret Chronicles of Dr.M.


  • v0.01 2020-11-13 First release that has TSC 2.1.0

1) Requirements

You neen minimum 8 GB USB stick, because usb image size is 6 GB.

If you have PlayStation 3 compatible USB gamepad, you can use it with TSC. For example, I use this gamepad.

Goodbetterbest Ltd Gioteck VX2 Wired Controller


2) Download USB image file

TSC-2.1.0-usb-i386.7z - 1.1 GB



3) Writing image to USB stick

Download Etcher - Win/Mac/Linux

Start Etcher, select image file, and write to USB stick.

4) Do not format stick in Windows. It will make stick empty. Click Peruuta/Cancel.

Do not format stick in Windows

5) Booting from USB

Booting from USB is usually done by pressing Esc many times when computer is booting. From boot menu select USB drive with arrow keys down and Enter.

In one laptop’s case pressing F2 many times while booting did start BIOS/UEFI settings. There arrow key right to Boot menu, and on UEFI setting press Enter some times to accept OK messages, so that it is changed UEFI => Legacy Mode. After that orderl all USB boot options to top, and F10 is Save and Exit. Then it boots from USB stick.

6) Before: UEFI mode


7) After: Legacy Mode, USB options moved to top. Press F10 that is Save and Exit.

Legacy Mode

Alternative ways to boot from USB

Other alternative boot menu keys are F1 or Enter, that usually brings BIOS or UEFI settings where boot order can be changed. Some laptop models have some special tiny pushable button at left side of laptop, that brings settings menu. It could also be some other key, like F2, F10, F11 or F12.

8) Linux booting from USB: press enter, or wait some seconds to continue booting

9) In Options, you can change gamepad settings.

10) Stopping TSC: press Esc, and click Quit with mouse or arrow keys and Enter.

11) Going back to Windows

To get back to Windows, change back Legacy Mode => UEFI.

Lauri (xet7)
On behalf of TSC team