TSC 2.1.0-rc1 released

Written by quintus on 2020-04-02.

First Release Candidate of 2.1.0 has been released.

With a delay of some months since the second beta (which is to be attributed to the usual free-time constraints of the developers), the TSC team is pleased to announce the availability of the first Release Candidate of the upcoming 2.1.0 release for download. The release has been tagged on the Git repository as v2.1.0-rc1 and has been uploaded to our web server.

What has changed since beta-2?

  • Small fixes to the build system
  • Small fixes to the build documentation
  • Added experimental build support for FreeBSD/OpenBSD (GitHub PR #678 by devnexen)
  • Finalised the new title theme (GitHub PR #679 by refi64)
  • Removed battle.ogg music due to the author requesting removal (GitHub PR #679 by refi64)

Why is 2.1.0 taking so long?

TSC is a project entirely driven by volunteers in their free time. We all know that free time is scarce. TSC has a massive code base written in C++ over a course of now more than 10 years, as it builds upon the original codebase of Secret Maryo Chronicles (SMC). The inherited code’s quality is rather poor and it is difficult to work with this inherited code.

When can we expect the final release?

This is the first Release Candidate. If no serious problems are discovered until 2020-04-11, version 2.1.0 is going to be released shortly after that date.

What happens in the RC phase?

The code is now considered to be final for the upcoming release. The RC phase is the last opportunity to test the game for serious problems; minor problems will not be fixed. No further changes will be made that are not related to serious problems. It is not expected that the game still contains serious problems.

Can I help TSC as a user now?

You can test the RC1 and see if you find problems that prevent the game from working. Please report such problems on the mailinglist, the forum, or on our bug tracker (requires a GitHub account).

Sadly no new level submissions were made during the beta phase, thus version 2.1.0 will not contain much different levels from version 2.0.0. Once version 2.1.0 has been released, we encourage all users to submit quality levels for inclusion in a subsequent release.


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