Bootable USB image available (2018-06-16)

Bootable USB image available

VirtualBox appliance available (2017-12-10)

VirtualBox appliance available

Server Infrastructure Update (2017-10-26)

The project infrastructure got a major upgrade — all user accounts and subscriptions cancelled!

New Main and Assistant Project Leaders (2017-07-10)

The project has gained some new leaders

New Domain Name (2016-12-23)

Info on our new Domain name

Upcoming infra upgrades (2016-11-06)

Current plans for server software.

2.0.0 Compile issues on Linux (2016-08-18)

TSC 2.0.0 won't compile on most Linux distributions

Alpha Builds Now Available (2016-08-17)

Alpha Builds Of TSC Are Now available for Debian users

Results of Second General Discussion (2016-04-10)

Summary of the 2nd TSC General Discussion.

Second TSC General Discussion notice (2016-03-05)

We have our second General Discussion coming up soon.